I dont get the layout of the preform

Goog evening.
Maybe its too late at a working day and my brain refuses to work properly, but I dont get one thing: where is “Front” in the preform and where is the “Wiper side”?
Im trying to print and still getting the wrong corner - see picture.
Could anybody explain?

PreForm shows it upside down.
The front is actually the machine front where the display is.

So looking at the printer, this will be printed front-right(closest to the display).

Exactly. And the wiper while printing lives on the right side of the printer (and so the left side when looking up at the build platform).

As a Form 1+ user this did confuse me for a hot second. “Wiper Side” describes the resting location of the wiper, not the actual attachment point of the wiper (which is the front).

Me too. And a Protip @Nowhere85 if you have a relatively small object and place it on the wiper side, it will print slightly faster as opposed to placing it on the opposite side. Shorter swipes of the wiper adds up!


Thanks a lot!

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