Print Orientation Image

Does this image correctly represent the preform software layout and best position to help the peel mechanism?

You have it rotated: The rectangular “WIPER SIDE” label is where the wiper lives. The tallest part of the print can be anywhere. When it is closer to the wiper it may print marginally faster, but only by a bit.

Preform is showing you the placement as it would appear on the build platform, which faces down. So front/back are reversed.

I just wanted to upload the correct version of this. Am i right in thinking the part should be located as close to the wiper as possible to help the peel mechanism?

That is correct. It’s what you’d see if you were lying on the floor with your head toward the printer. That said, the time advantage is minimal and for Form 2, it won’t help the peel process (unlike Form 1/1+ where putting parts near the hinge helps).