Repost - Label the print area in PreForm

Oops… I was beaten to the punch by at least two weeks…

Formlabs I’m sure you’ve seen, Form1 user -Tj- created a very helpful image to help people lay out objects to be printed on the Form1.

Here it is:

I’d like to request something like this be put into the software.

Also, as it stands not a single side corresponds to the same side in reality. This is needlessly confusing. I would recommend rotating the visualization 90º clockwise - that will make the right side of the image the right side of the build platform and the left sides will match as well. Front to back will be reversed but I think that is less confusing. This also gives a more weight to the left/right direction which is arguably the most important because of the peel axis. (Because things seem to print better if they’re on the left side.)

Exactly what I thought.

  1. default screen shall be 90 deg clockwise from current position.

  2. there shall be clear guides on screen (left, right, front, back) - it is extremely easy to implement and obviously ‘must be’ feature.

What I don’t understand - is the process of decision taking in Formlabs. Guys, your start screen in Preform is just like mirror of your other massive problems!