Heat orientation

If I am at the front of my printer looking at it, this graphic doesnt make sense to me because my wiperside’ is on the right side. Or at least the wiper starts on the right and returns to the right so I am a bit confused as you why in the graphic it has the tab on the left.


I believe your looking at the bottom of the build plate so it would be upside doodle. I requested they change the view in preform to reflect the view of the tank and not the build platform ages ago… bunch said great idea then it fell on deaf ears :frowning:

Yeah, this is the point of view from INSIDE the printer looking up through the tray. Pretty odd, but not beyond some effort to train the brain to read usefully, like reading mirrored text from that one silly Facebook friend we all have.


This is the view up, just like in PreForm. I assume the rationale is that the primary use of this feature is to allow you to place your parts in PreForm to avoid clouded regions, and so you’d want the same view. Is there another use I’m not thinking of?

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