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Better visual cue for "Wiper Side" in PreForm


Wow, I think I’m going on three years with my Form 2, and just today in the Dashboard I realized that I’ve been thinking about “Wiper Side” ALL WRONG!

Which side IS the wiper side? I always thought that when looking at the printer, the wiper “rests” on the right side of the printer, but it was always confusing. Is the “Wiper Side” on the side of the printer or the front where the wiper is attached?

Is the map in the dashboard FLIPPED? Is it representative of the build platform or the tray? My shadows don’t seem to line up with where I’m usually printing. I usually print at the front of the tray, then work my way back.

But I guess if I’m a knowledgable user and just figured this out, it’s probably confusing to new users as well. I’d LOVE to see a visual representation of the shape of the tank, or possibly a transparent overlay of the orientation of the wiper. Maybe it comes on when you first start up a new document then fades away, and can be brought back up through a menu or key command?

Take a look at this icon of the tank and the layout of the heat map…I usually print at the FRONT, which is the FRONT of the tray icon above. The tank map looks like it’s actually rotated a quarter turn clockwise? Does anyone know?

Many thanks!


You’re right it can be a bit disorienting. The image you shared can best be thought of as a representation of the build platform. The front is the front. The wiper side is the right side of the tank. It’s not that tank is turned a quarter-turn sideways but that the image should be flipped about the vertical axis to map it onto the tank.


Perhaps adding an overlay of the top arm that holds the build platform would be helpful? Kind of a circle with a bar? Or an outline of the tank that corresponds to the type of tank you’re using?


It is oriented the same way as Preform so it should be familiar to its users. It is also oriented in that manner so you can look at the heat map and place your parts in Preform in the appropriate areas without having to mentally manipulate things in your head.


Let’s see, my partner is right, the same thing happens to me, my vision is the same as that indicated by katkramer, the wiper side would have to appear on the right and it would be the application that turns the object and not what I have to be doing. a reversed mental image …


So the software engineering manager in me demands I ask - if the Heat Map is acknowledged to be disorienting as implemented, and it’s acknowledged that it requires the mental gymnastic of flipping it 180º in your mind to “orient” it so it can be properly interpreted, why doesn’t the software just present it in the already-flipped state so this obstacle could be eliminated?

Being a software engineer, I know it’s trivially simple to present the bitmap flipped 180º, It might not even be more than a half dozen characters that have to be changed to designate a different compile-time constant to flip the display buffer around the other way…