Form 2 Supports

Hi all,

I know on the Form 1+ we put the taller supports on the hinge side. How about the Form 2? I’d guess it makes even more of a difference with the new peel mechanism.


Hi Declan,

It turns out that the taller side matters significantly less on the Form 2! A big part of the reasoning behind the design of the new slide mechanism is to decrease the amount of force on the part between layer transitions. Since the hinge side is the most stable region on the Form1+ due to its lack of vertical motion, the best print results are gained when the tallest side or largest portion of the part are on the hinge side. For the Form 2, the entire resin tank lies parallel to the surface and is stable all over! That being said, if you find any new tips for printing on the Form 2; we would be grateful to hear them.


It shouldn’t make much difference. Your print may take a little less time if the tall side of the print is nearer to the wiper, but in general that difference won’t be huge and shouldn’t affect the finished part either way.

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