Taking a break and Playing around

Decided to play around with some personal work so I printed this guy from a model I found on one of the free sites. (Pinshape I think) and started painting him up… Still a work in progress. He is about 3 inches tall. Printed in Grey at 50 micron Painted with a combination of acrylics (Base colors) and oils as overlay/rendering. Figure painting has never been my strong suit so this has been a lot of fun and good practice.

(Links fixed)


I’m not sure how you posted this, but the link points to your dropbox local mapping. I think you need to right click on the file and copy link,

Sorry Links fixed… Thought I could use DB as a shared image post but I was wrong.

Very cool. Is the red paint on the stand incidental, or did you mean to make it look like blood dripping from the impaled head?

LOL… No still in progress… Haven’t finished painting yet… Will do the base very last.