Surgical Guide Warping During Autoclave Run

Hi everyone,
When I print, wash and cure with Surgical Guide everything is fine. However, after autoclaving my parts warp and are no longer flat. I’m already doing a reduced 10 mins at 121C + 20 mins drying at the recommendation of FormLabs Support. Should I just not autoclave and do the 5 mins of 70% IPA? I’m worried that it’ll affect biocompatibility if I don’t autoclave since it makes Surgical Guide change color, which makes me think that there’s some reaction that is left incomplete until higher temps are reached.

My part is ~ 2 mm thick, with a 33.75 mm diameter :s

0.4mm posts four 10 by 2 mm wells for 6 well plate - FOR EPPENDORF NONTREATED 6 WELL.STL (96.9 KB)

Also, has anyone tried sterilizing with 70% ethanol instead of IPA?