Inaccurate Surgical Guides

Hi All, Have recently started printing surgical guides for dental implant procedures and have had variable results on the prints so far. We are using the Dental SG resin as recommended however post wash and cure results have found they are poorly fitting on the models with generally the results being slightly too small for our models which we have based the guide upon. We are designing the guides via inlab 18 and producing STLs which is then being sent to preform for printing. Has anyone experienced similar issues and if so have they managed to minimise this from happening?

as a rule the expected tolerance of SLA printing is ±0.5 (Lower limit ±0.15mm)

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Can you measure how much smaller your models are? If so, maybe you can compensate by slightly enlarging them in PreForm, or even in the modeling application.

Are the guides smaller in all three dimensions? Some Form2s need to have the xy calibrated to ensure accurate prints

Ive not been able to isolate the areas affected. Just all the guides are not sitting on the teeth without requirement of some adjusting after printing and curing. Ill try re-calibrating thanks for the suggestion

Wouldnt that affect the accuracy of the overall guide?

Print a cube 10 mm side, cure and process it, check the dimensions, try to compensate in the model doing a scale up for the shrinkage, I think that this way you can figure the % and have consistent results, I am a goldsmith, and for me the tenth of mm is important. You will finds a % of shrinkage in the pieces printed and in the castings, try to compensate for it.