Dental SG print fails

Hi there
I’m having trouble printing dental surgical guides.
The guide hole cylinders have a thin wall and they fail to print, as you can see in the images.
What am I doing wrong? I tried various orientations, and they always fail.
It’s getting frustrating. What a waste of resin and time!
Can you help me?

I assume that you have resin from that section stuck to the bottom of the tray? Is the piece stuck there totally flat, or is there some structure there? (That is, does it look like it partially printed and then broke off from the supports, or did it fail immediately?)

always totally flat, no structure

It looks like the open top of the cylinders (and top of the teeth) are facing the build platform, and that’s where the supports are attaching. My guess is that the open cylinder forms a sealed circle on the tray surface and that suction on this cylinder is causing it to be pulled away and separate from the supports.

You could notch the top of the cylinder to alleviate this. Or you could try to increase the size of the support point that connects with your model; that would make them stronger, but it also means more support structure to clean away from the completed part. Rotating the part 30 or more degrees perpendicular to the build plate (the samples you show look like they’re about 5-10 degrees?) might also help, but that might impact dimensional accuracy.

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thank you very much for the suggestions. I’ll try that.

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