Failed surgical guide print - help

Greetings. Had a failed surgical guide print this morning - from a peeling of the base off the buildplate to incomplete guide fabrication. The anterior printed fine, all failures were in the posterior portion. I had positioned the guide according to the heat maps in a less utilized area.
Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.


It looks like the raft delaminated from itself during those earlier layers which might have contributed to the errors further up. Visually, does that section of the tank look clear? You might also take a look at the optical window and mirror to check for any obstructions there. Giving this a try on another section of the tank to see if that prints successful would be a helpful troubleshooting step.

Thanks for responding. Second print did come out, though the raft was very soft/flexible and one small posterior section was slightly delaminated. I had moved the print to the opposite side and increased the angle.

Also, put the first print in the Form Cure for 10 minutes as per instructions and it did not change. Increased to 1 hour and the color changed. I thought the guides were supposed to be 1 hour but could not find the support literature for it…but did get distracted.

Any further thoughts would be appreciated.

The raft softness is a bit concerning, and I’d open a ticket with our support team so that we can look into this with you. There’s a graphic with all of the Form Cure settings here, and Dental SG works best with a 30 minute cure at 60C.

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