Support Requests result in broken website link

When I click on the Support Request link on my Formlabs Dashboard it results in a broken link in the picture below.
Is anyone else experiencing this or is this an isolated incident?


This link works, it’s where you’re being led when looking for a way to open a support ticket from the main support site :

They have been making modifications to do maybe not every page has been updated yet.

that is great for opening a new support ticket but does not help for accessing existing open support tickets from the dashboard…that link is broken

I wonder if this is why suddenly I can no longer log into and the password reset hasn’t arrived yet (been 20 minutes and it’s not in my spam box either)

I have the same problem. I am using the same user name and password I have always used and it keeps telling me it is wrong.


i am able to access the Support site through a roundabout method
But I can’t view my tickets or login to view them.
Hopefully it will be fixed soon enough


Hi folks,

As you’ve noted, some of the previously existing log-in and support request/ticket access features on are not working in the same way that they used to - or not working altogether at the moment. We apologize for the troubles and for not displaying information or errors that are helpful and explanatory.

JohnHue is correct that we have been migrating some systems. The long term goal is to better serve you - and all our users - by building a more robust backend support system. Obviously the sign-in glitches show that we’re experiencing some bumps with the deployment. We are actively working on enabling and connecting the sign-in for to each user’s account, so that you will be able to sign in with the same credentials through

At the moment, we recommend using the web form to create any support requests and to respond to existing support requests directly by email. We will continue to improve the configuration with a goal to make it even easier and better than before to interact with the Services team.

As soon as I have a specific timeline for these changes I’ll update this thread! Shouldn’t be more than a couple days.

Thank you for the update.

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