Support website down and vanishing forum content

Hi Formlabs,

I tried to open a support ticket for this but not sure if it worked – I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the support site the last several weeks (can’t log in, find my old tickets, etc - and I’m not the only one).

Anyway a while back I noticed all the content on my BabyForm2 thread vanished:

I have no idea what happened. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything to cause that.

Hoping someone can help restore the content and maybe help me figure out how to logon to support and find my old tickets.


ps. I tried looking for help on this before but didn’t get a response. I would have just followed up with a nudge there but it’s locked now.

I’ve also been having issues with the support website. The page will “load”, but its just a white screen. nothing else. I’ve restarted my computer, even disconnected and reconnected to the internet and still this problem persists. Anybody have an idea as to why?

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