Website Woes

The Formlabs website requires me to use IE8 browser, I sure wish it would work with a fast modern browser like Opera 15. There are too many redirects when logging in to the support site for Opera to let is pass.

Works fine with Firefox, Chrome and Safari for me… so you have a few options other than IE8.

If you try to log into the support system from a thread it will give you a redirect error on the latest FIrefox and Chrome.  It’s a simple infinite redirect loop that needs to be corrected server side.

Just confirmed this moments ago on both Firefox 23.0.1 and Chrome 29.0.1547.57.

@ Mark - I have alternate machines with a range of browsers, but only two on my main machine. The new Opera is really nice from a minimalist and speed perspective.

@ Steven - thanks for the info. Gives me an idea to try.

Using Opera:

  1. Just logged in to the main Formlabs page. That worked fine and I can access the store.
  2. Select the link to the support page. My login was not recognized and I had to log in again.
  3. Even from the main support page the redirects are a problem.
  4. Using an idea Steven sparked, I copied the redirect target and went to the target directly (just pasted in address bar).
  5. Yea!, I am browsing support (and posting this) from Opera.