Is down?

I’m getting infinite spinners.

Odd, my safari only. works in chrome.

Same here: Chrome works but not Firefox.

Today the Dashboard functions on Firefox and iphone but not Chrome.

Hmm, we’re not seeing any Dashboard downtime on our end. What sort of error are you running into? Is this failing to load with an error or incorrectly displaying elements?

What I mostly get is the inablity of the dashboard to SAVE anything I type…
I’ll type a whole sentence into the notes for a print and it will disappear with the “Error Saving” warning.

I’m on Chrome on a PC

Hello Frew - infinite spinners at login. Part of the problem may be our password manager ( Dashlane ). By logging out and re-entering the password the Dashboard loads properly. Dashboard on my iphone worked, then stopped and now works again. It stopped working after an ios update.

Separately - I get an error message when typing notes into the print log: “error saving”. Sometimes it saves OK.

Mine just never load any of the dynamic information. So I see a spinner, and it keeps on spinning

Try logging out and re-entering your password.

IE doesn’t work either, probably some security setting with the browser and the forum.

IE 11 worked for me.

Does it require flash?

I am using a different machine right now so I can not check that.
However… Opera running on Windows XP loads Dashboard OK !

Using Opera here on 2 machines one is w7 and other is 10 and both work fine. I have no flash player on either machine.

ok finally got it again @Frew. looks like a 401 error. Mac 10.13.1 and Safari Version 11.0.1 (13604.3.5)

401 is an auth error.
Log out, clear your cookies and local storage for, and log back in.

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