Website no longer works in FireFox?


Was wondering if anyone else was having issues loading

I seem to be betting a CSS error, and a blank page. Doing a hard refresh of the webpage doesn’t seem to be helping.


Is the website not tested against FireFox anymore?

I’m getting a failure-to-load error that Chrome appears to be able to handle fine, but fails within Firefox:

Error: Loading CSS chunk 14 failed. (/static/css/formlabs.9285af13.chunk.css)

Cache was cleared, and I’m now unable to login within Firefox. Very frustrating…


Do you have uBlock Origin installed? I had to disable it for, started working again after that.


No problems here with Firefox 77.0 (64-bit).


I’m on MacOS, Firefox 77.0.1, with uBlock Origin + Privacy Badger, and the site looks fine to me. I agree with @qupada 's suggestion to disable extensions and see if that helps!


Well that was weird.

Maybe it was a dangling update, maybe a power cycle was needed, but it’s working now.