FYI Dashboard URL Changed

For anyone having issues getting to dashboard like I was, it looks like Formlabs quietly changed the URL from Formlabs Dashboard | Formlabs to

I regularly open dashboard using a bookmark and the old URL doesn’t redirect. The old site just shows a bunch of text like the CSS files didn’t load or something. After some quick troubleshooting, liked clearing all my cache and cookies, I finally figured it out when I used the link on the main site and noticed the URL changed.

That looks like JSON content being displayed and the old link seems to be properly redirecting to the subdomain. It may have taken some time on the backend for the redirect to populate.

Yup, looks like it is properly redirecting now.
It was last week around Thursday or Friday when I first encountered this issue and thought it might be fixed over the weekend. Looks like it took a little bit longer.

Hi, it looks like is experiencing issue with the redirect. A page refresh usually fixes it but please use the new link to access dashboard to avoid this issue.

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