Support removal

Hi Everyone.

I was just wondering if anyone know why i am finding it hard to remove the support base off the platform on my form 1?

I have to remove the parts first from the supports, and then try and remove the rest of the support base at a force becuase they seem to not want to come off??

Any help or advice on why this is happening would be great thanks.

it’s probably over compressed due to the platform/build surface being too close to the vat surface.

Go to the printer fine tuning and raise the platform a notch or two, then try another print. Be careful with raising it too much, or the print may not stick to the platform.

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Also the Build Plate surface could be too rough. Don’t use a hard scoring pad or anything like that on the surface.
I use a very fine Scotch Brite pad and it smooths the surface so the builds just pop off.

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Thanks for the reply.

I will try and fine tune the bed first and go from there.

Any advice on settings for fine tuning please to test?

Take a look at this support article at FormLabs:

When you get the adjustment pop-up window move the slider to the left (higher) in small increments, 1-2 notches at the time and do a test print after each change. You don’t have to do a full print, just enough to make sure the amount of adhesion is right.

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It’s interesting that Walter G. finds it works best with a smooth surface, I find just the opposite.

Been a long time since we had a Form1, but our Form 1+ and our Form2s release the build much easier if the build platforms are a bit rough. With the Form 1+ I used to sand the platform with 150 grit sandpaper using small circular motions and then clean with a paper towel and IPA. The Form2 platform comes with a bead blasted finish and it released its build rather easily until that blasted surface smoothed out.

My current process is to take a utility knife blade in hand (not in the blade holder but just holding the blade itself). I scrape the blade across the platform, with the blade perpendicular to the platform using the entire sharpened edge to scrape it. This removes oxidation on the aluminum and give the surface some “bite”. I clean it off with IPA after I scrape it. My prints release very easily from a platform prepared this way.

One note, the blades can pick up bits of aluminum that stick to them and it does not do as nice a job as a rather fresh blade. You will feel the difference between a fresh blade and one that has aluminum bits stuck to it. I guess you could remove the stuck aluminum bits, I just pitch the old blade and use a new one.


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