Super easy way to make a DIY curing device with UV light and heat

Hey guys
We are an Israeli industrial design office called STUDIOLAMA. We wanted to share the simple process we’ve made. If you have the skills and are looking for an easy way to build your DIY curing device check out how we did it on this link.

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Very cool, though I do have two minor concerns.

1.) Shadowing from part geometry and the oven grate. This could be solved with a clever selection of turntable.
2.) Safety! You should add a UV blocking layer to the front glass!

Thanks for taking the time to do the write-up!

Thanks for your comment Brandon
As far as we know UV light at these scales is not dangerous, its similar to sun light but much weaker… Besides that there are 3 types of Uv rays ; A,B and C, only one of them can pass through glass - type A.
As for the turn table - it might be a good idea but we wanted to keep it simple :slight_smile:

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