Another Homemade Cure Box

Thanks to the help of the community forums and a bunch of research on the various DIY curing posts we finally made our own!

The main construction is made up from a U-shaped bent stainless steel piece and 1/2" plywood for the bottom, back, and door.
The door is skinned with laser cut amber acrylic and white styrene and I cut apart a spent resin tank to create the window which includes the Formlabs Logo.

I used this solar powered turn table:
I cut apart the housing so I could embed the gearbox into the bottom plywood.
The wires to the solar panels were extended and I hotglued the panels along the bottom back wall.
I laser cut a clear acrylic disc to fit atop the supplied turntable.

These LEDs worked great from another post I found. I used 2 rolls and probably could have fit 3 but the two seem to do a great job.

On the back I cut and glued some styrene pieces into a shallow box to house the switch and wiring. I’d like to throw an arduino in at some point to enable some sort of timer and I should have plenty of room to expand when I get around to it.

Hopefully this will give some ideas and inspiration for those looking to make their own. Thanks for looking!


great job !!!:sorrindo:

Well done.