DIY Post Curing Box

After doing some prints and having to walk at least 20 meter to get access to some sunlight I figured trying to make a simple post curing box.

I found this example, but it looks a little too fancy:

I was planning to just order 1 or 2 of these 405nm 2W SMD LED’s and hang them in my drawer:

Did anyone try something similar? Does anyone know what wavelength works best?

Also is there a “maximum” exposure time? (Does the part go bad if you leave it in the sun too long)

I just got two of these and cable tied them together on end.  They were on sale at the time.  I think it works out pretty well.

I would think just finding the correct lightbulb for a desk lamp would be the easiest.

I was thinking of something like this as I had to have my cover replaced and they haven’t  asked for the cracked one back.  I’m not sure what wattage to use but this should handle anything from a 10W to 50W LED array.

@Joris Aerts What kind of curing solution did you wind up going with?

My curing solution is billions of years old and it’s free. The sun.