My DIY large UV curing enclosure is near completition

I’m not sure how many have read my older thread on my DIY curing enclosure but it’s been a while since I’ve had time to update things. One of the wood shop guys at my work routed the top for me and also wanted to paint the enclosure. Unfortunately I’m going to have to fix some of the issues with the paint but here are some progress pictures of my UV curing enclosure to give you an idea…

BTW here is the original thread with renders and some process images in case you didn’t see it Custom DIY large size UV curing enclosure (WIP)


Progress as of today:


Wow, that is a very cool design, the parts you put in that will certainly get a “Tan” from all sides!
Very Nice work,

Mike A
Scout Design and MFG

Wow! That is wicked hard core!

That looks like a lot of Watts of lights. You can overcure, you know. Find and read FL’s white paper on post-print curing.

I’ll try and get some images the next time I have a part in there curing so you can see the coverage. I’m thinking about maybe adding some mirrored acrylic to the corners to bounce even more light but right now the coverage is pretty evenly distrubted.

@Randy_Cohen it is 60 watts total (20w per LED unit) at 405nm wavelength. I’ve been using these lamps for months and they work great with no problems at all. I’m familiar with the post curing section on the website. I’ve used everything from low wattage sterilizer cabinets, nail lamps, direct sunlight to even our industrial Q-Sun environment chamber which simulates UV exposure but at the wrong wavelength and wayt too much wattage at 1800w lamp heh. So after all of those methods, this LEd enclosure works the best for my needs.

I wanted a UV Oven capable of working on the same model dimensions the Form 2 could spit out so I too went with a DIY solution when I found the DIY UV Post Curing Lightbox Article.

This is my result:

I originally planned to have it placed under my Form 2 and because of this it’s sharing the same footprint =)


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