Such a little thing, but such closure!

For years I’d tucked print jobs away in the back of my head for when I finally got a high-res device. Now they are slowly bubbling back to conscious thought. Here’s Exhibit A.

Ironically, the downloadable STLs on the Intarwebz are TOO low-polygon for the Form2 so I wound up making my own in 123D Design. And after enough years, at last I have it in my own hands, BY my own hands. No layer lines. No blocky low-poly curves. Warm fuzzy happy.


Does it chirp when you tap it?

Better yet, does it work as a communicator? :vulcan:

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Any chance you would share your .STL/.FORM? I’d love to print this out and plate it in metal.

Next generation is the best generation.

How funny ~ I built the badges for the latest film. I didnt use the form 2 I used a Revo mill

And no Sorry I can not share the file since it was a licensed property and a paid job

I KNEW I forgot something! I set the angle to minimize lines, I set the supports all to the backside surfaces, but I FORGOT to set the “chirp” option!

That said, if it’s tossed like a ninja fighting star, I’ll bet it will still communicate quite efficiently how I feel about silly questions. :wink:

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Sure, here they are, smooth as an android’s bottom. This might be nice to try with the wax casting resin!

ST TNG Commbadge Gold.stl (391.8 KB)
ST TNG Commbadge Silver.stl (6.4 MB)


Great work, sir, but we’re kidding ourselves if we say any of these badges are rocket science to replicate from scratch. Laying aside intangible features like provenance and screen use, my hobby/career as a prop replicator has proven time and again that anything that was made can be remade! Or, sadly, for the less scrupulous/more lazy, bought from Amazon and recast…

Star Trek Beyond Command Badge on Amazon

:wink: OMG… you poked my eye out…

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The new ones for Beyond are 2 different color metals, part brush finish, part gloss finish, a real pain in the butt to do. They also have a special marking on the back that would not show up on ones that were molded from the originals I made. I make it as hard as possible for anyone to knock off correctly what I create for films and TV but people always try.