My hobby little prints

Hi all

I want to show you some of the proyects i´m working

I get the Printer on October 14th and i have my first model finished and painted on friday 17th… that fantastic ¡¡¡

A 1/6 scale Vietnam Radio. its printed at 25 microns.

Here it is:

(The next emblems does not have any political sense, it’s just an emblem made ​​for 1/6 scale Historical Concept)

Here is other things that its awesome, its and 1/6 emblem for a Spanihs Blue Division from WWII

Its only 10mm hight, at 0,4mm thickness ( 25 microns)

Other tests that i have made

Overseas badge cap with only 3.4mm on diameter

and german drivers badge with 6.6mm

The printer has a very hight resolution… its great…

But I have a problem that i am talking with the Support guys and i want to explain on Support and trableshooting forum and is that i cant print 4 of my radios, because the printer degrades a lot the final resolution.

When i write the new post of the problem, ill put here the link
This is: Printing big areas on 25 microns problems

Thanks all for waching


Fantastic! I’ve been doing 1/6 custom work myself and am very impressed with the detail levels on things like buttons and patterned buckles. Your button details are great! Have you used the clear resin? How does the black compare? The only shame is that so much resin gets wasted on the supports when printing tiny things like buttons.

Thanks Edward i´m glad you like it

Yes, its waste a lot of resing on supports for bottons or badges, may be if we made it as object ( dont use the automatic ones ) we can made little supports to save resing and put the point exactly in the position we want… ( not aproximately) :wink:

God… my Form1+ can’t get here fast enough! Great work.

Thanks a lot ManuelJesus

I did try making custom supports, though the supports printed fine the buttons all fell to the bottom of the tray, though not sure if I made the support end size too small. I would test it again though taking out 40 flat buttons from the resin tray is not fun :smiley: it did print fine with the generated supports. If you manage to test this please let me know :slight_smile:

I’ll try it Eduard and tell you if I had to pull the buttons from tray or not. … :smile:

Great work. Very inspiring!

Thank you Thomas :smile:

Jose - have you tried using the B9 software to generate custom supports? A few folks (myself included) have found it offers another option to the generated Form supports.

Fantastic work BTW - that black resin looks soooo nice.

Thanks a lot Stephen for your words about my models, i´m glad you like

Thanks for the tip too, I do not know it, I just download and test it a little, looks like a good tool, little slow, but I’ll test it in more detail, for this tiny badges could be a good solution.


Amazing work! Congratulations on such an awesome first print. I wanted to make sure you’d seen the option to manually edit supports. That way you can go in and basically create custom supports, might help with resin optimization on smaller prints.

Thanks a lot Jennifer

Yes, I know the manual supports on preform, but it waste a lot of resin, the base its too thick ( with 1/2 mm for this its enough), the tips are very large, also the cross base.

For German driver Badge: (These are made with manual supports at munimun settings)

Volume of 50 badges: 0,5 ml
volume for 50 badges plus supports: 7.2 ml

Its waste 6.7 ml only on supports

wow, rly nice work, if I can ask, why you use black resin ? It’s better than the gray for details ?

Thank you Valerio

In the specifications and the definition from formlabs on Black resin says that this is the best for very little details. its a little slow ( 10 min on 5h) but works better than others. I dont test others.