New user, First casting successful from Form2

Actually I can’t show my first casting success because that was for Sony Interactive and I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement and my second print and cast was for the next Transformers film and I cant show that ether. But my third print and cast was a ring for a friend daughter, its simple and non exciting compared to most things I do, but most important is it cast perfect as all the castings have so far and I can show it ! I have had the Form2 for 3 days and found it simple to use and the Cast-able resin version 1 was great, casting with plasticast was easy.

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Very cool,

@Skinnydog, WOW! Just checked out your Facebook page…what an interesting company! So you are using the R&R Plasticast with Bandust? Nicely done! I look forward to more posts!

Thanks Kat
I am currently using the older pre bandust version of Plasticast its about 3yr old. I have some Star Trek pendants on the form 2 right now that were ordered by Chris Pine as gifts for the cast and crew from Star Trek Beyond. They will be presented at the premier in San Diego next week by him so I hope my current success with casting pieces from the Form 2 continues .


Exciting stuff!

That is awesome, @Skinnydog! I adore the new cast of Star Trek. I was so sad to hear of Chekov’s death recently. I’m sure that your pieces will be well-received!


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