The Mega Plush Monitor companion

Hey guys, I just wanted to share my latest little 3d print project. I got the idea from a fellow artist over not he 3D printing page on Facebook and decided I had to have a good at making my own.

So I posed this guy to hang on the side of my monitor, sliced him up and printed him. Primed him and got him assembled and painted. here are a load of photos throughout the process.

Process of hollowing

All the pieces to be printed

The printing

All Printed


Base coat

Final thing

Hope you guys dig it, and if you have any questions about the process, i’m more than happy to answer them.



Ha! I love that, Matt. Awesome work. Sweet photos too.

Thats great! Now I want to make something to hand off my monitor~

@sasha_katcher do it… and then share the results :sunglasses:

That’s friggin awesome!


The picture of him hanging out is the real kicker! great job :smiley: