Success printing Grey, flat potato chips on tank bottom

Hi All,
I’m using Grey Resin 01 on a Form1+.
The supports are not fully developing and I’m getting what is essentially a Flat Grey potato chip stuck to the bottom of a new resin tank. I’ve adjusted the part orientation so that the part should come out well, even added a few so that the set up resembles what printed successfully using Black Resin in a new resin tank. The potato chip is easy to dislodge and there are no discernible distortions or markings after removal from the PDMS. Also, the supports are looking undeveloped or not developing at all.
I’ve made sure that the Grey Resin is set as required, and haver gone through the help and advice in the forums. 3 fails and not even a partial part is formed with the Grey Resin. I will strain the resin again and take an even closer look at the support structure today. My client really likes the quality of the black parts I made previously but, I think that because of weather in the midwest, I haven’t received my fresh bottle of Black Resin yet. I used the older Grey Resin initially for a few earlier prototype enclosure parts, which had a little distortion, but still acceptable for testing. The black Resin Parts came out really good.
I really don’t want to open up the back and try cleaning the tiny mirrors, but I will begrudgingly. The large surface mirror is quite clean, I don’t think I can clean it any more than it is already. Any advice?
Thanks in advance!

The potato chip is a sign that the base of the supports isn’t adhering to the build platform and this will foul all the following layers.

There is 2 Grey settings now, one for the first generation of Grey resin and V2 for the new version.
Double check and see and make sure your using the correct resin/setting combination.

Also if your using the same tank as you had for the Black resin I am wondering if there is some contamination in the tank. I’m not sure how to clean a tank, some seem to be using IPA but double check on that.
You may want to empty the tank in a separate container so just in case it is contaminated you don’t destroy an entire bottle of clean resin.

If it’s a new tank then you may need to fine adjust the tank to build platform, there maybe a small difference between tanks

Hi Ken,

I have been careful about not mixing resins and making sure that the correct setting is being used for the type of Resin being used. I had a few early fails with the Grey Resin in a new Resin Tank, but noticed that the Upgraded printer (Form1+) was not recognized in the pop-up (pre-print window was showing Form1). I made sure that it was recognized by power cycling the printer and then reconnecting to my computer, which worked. Although, I was getting a failed print every other print. This all happened prior to upgrading Preform from 1.6 to 1.7. Then I got 4 failed prints in a row so something isn’t correct. I have a feeling that its the Grey Resin. Its unfortunate because I have about 1/2 a bottle of Grey Resin 01 remaining.

When resin sits it separates, like paint does. Did you shake the bottle good before filling the tank? If not, in this case I would recommend straining it back into the bottle and shaking it together good.

Sounds like the machine isn’t seeing the correct firmware on the Form1 and seeing it as an older machine that has what I believe different laser power.
That would definitely mess things up for sure.

I would get on the phone with Tech and see if there is anything tricky with updated the firmware on the machine so it shows up correctly.

I see the Gray Setting version 1 used by 3rd party resin manufacturers regardless of color so I am assuming that the Gray 1 setting is probably the most forgiving where the clear and other resins by Formlabs may be more critical ie faster cure for clear and slower for black.