Strange problem with moving parts

I have printed a small anchor (with Form2) with a moving part, with clear 03 at 0.1 mm, without any problem; I left a gap in the bond of 0.4 mm.
The problem appear when i print 10 anchors in the same job; the moving part glues to the rest and it’s not easy to make it moving again. There are no difference between the single anchor and the 10 except the number…

The moving part is the “stick” that rotates around a small cylinder of the base.

You might try to print the heavier more solid part at the base. This way as the build is made the resin drips down and away from the rotating part.

But with only one anchor resin drips down… What does it change with more anchor in the same job? Resin should drip down anyway

I can’t tell what moving part you’re talking about, but you should definitely flip the print, if the base is flat then you can probably even print it without supports.

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With one anchor the laser stays at that level for a small amount of time then lifts to the next level. With multiple parts the laser is at the level longer so the resin may catch a bit more of UV light from a close neighboring anchor part. Thus, the resin at the rotating part is exposed a bit longer.

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I have over 50 prints thus far. And I am closer to understanding what prints and in what circumstances. The FL2 does not print whatever and whenever.
You have to try prints with a little bit of understanding as to the process and what works well and what doesn’t. The guide is helpful but it can’t be everything to all things.

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Solved increasing the gap to 0.5 mm :wink:

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Parts have to be really really close for the laser to affect them that way, like <1mm

From the design guidelines - minimum clearance between moving parts should be 0.5mm. 0.1mm might not sound much, but you’ve increased the separation by 25%.