Started making a horrible clicking sound

My printer printed flawlessly for a couple of prints, then started making a horrible clicking sound. According to the troubleshooting section in the help center, they state, "Misalignment of the hard stop hooks may cause a clicking noise during peeling BUT CAN NOT FIX IT SUME ONE PLZ HELP I DID A LIL VID


@NIKKI_ADAMS, unfortunately I can’t get your video to play in my browser. Contact Formlabs Support by Submitting a ticket here. They will work with you to find out what’s going on.

Video does not work in Chrome, FireFox, or IE for me.

Yeah, the auto-rendering of the dropbox link does not appear to be working correctly. I can view it through the email alerts, however. It actually sounds to me, @NIKKI_ADAMS, that your printer is fine. That repeated clicking when switching on your printer is normal (though a bit loud)

Take a listen here and see how well your sounds match up.

ok theres the vid sum-one plz help me fix i can not afford for this to go rong thanks for all ur help


Have you tried printing since you noticed the noise? That noise is normal when the printer starts. With a tank on and the cover closed, the noise is much less violent.

no its not normal even with the cover on it very vilount

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