Clicking During Peeling Repair Process

My printer printed flawlessly for a couple of prints, then started making a horrible clicking sound. According to the troubleshooting section in the help center, they state, “Misalignment of the hard stop hooks may cause a clicking noise during peeling. To resolve this issue, gently bend the hooks so that they slide into the square holes next to the peel motor during each peel cycle.” This sounds like my issue, but I don’t want to go bending things around without knowing for sure what I am doing. There are no pictures and I am not quite sure what to bend. Anyone have pictures or thoughts? Thanks!

Got these photos from the support staff at FormLabs. This is what I did to resolve the issue:

  1. Turn the printer off
  2. Remove the build platform
  3. Remove the resin tank
  4. Pushed the right side of the black frame down to loosen the hook from the hole
  5. Adjusted the hook
  6. Power the Form1 on, and it would raise the black frame up so I could see if the alignment was correct
  7. Repeat steps 4 - 6 until correct

So far, so good!


Can I let it finished the current print? The clicks just started mid-build and I’d rather not cancel but I will if this will prevent damage to the printer!

I don’t think it would be a problem. Let the print finish and then adjust the hooks.

Hey guys,

Im conducting a little bit of a survey. After going trough plenty of posts im noticing a pattern here… it seems like the form1 is simply unable to print large models with any amount of consistency…

If you have been able to print large models consistently, say more than 5 without a fail, please let me know here:

For the purposes of this discussion, lets define large as a larger than 10cm sans supports on the longest axis… c’mon large, you know what I mean…

My printer is making a different clicking sound, it’s more of a clunk.  It does it when it is first powered up and does it for awhile while printing.  Then it goes away.  I can’t remember if it did it always, but I have been having problems getting a successful print lately.  It’s not the problem described above with the PDF.  That part is not moving while the noise is being made.

Here is a video, this might be normal?  I’m not sure.



The “clunk” you are hearing is the result of suction and can happen when printing multipul parts or larger pieces. This should not effect printing quality, but if you are having issues, send us a message to


Jory, pretty sure it’s not suction because it will do it on start-up before anything is being printed.  After listening to the Sounds of the Formlab on the blog, I think what I am hearing is a normal sound.

I am having trouble with parts not sticking to the build platform, especially at 25 microns.  I am doing a test print now, and if it fails, I will open a support ticket.


Hello there. The link to the file that Morgan Owens posted appears to be broken. Could you repost it? Thanks.

That’s a pretty old file, Mark! Shoot support a note and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction!