Star Wars Kylo Ren helmet


I have been working recently on a Kylo Ren helmet. It was a subject for a series of live stream I did, showcasing ZBrush 3D sculpting software in action.
Originally, I was thinking of doing this project with my FDM printer because of the size… but after an initial test, I decided to do everything with my Form2. Obviously, the cost will be higher, but no surprises and a high-quality result.

I wrote a full making of which includes the videos showing the process and a detail of the cost:

And here are some photos:

The 3D model done:

The exploded view with all the parts. I used some magnets to attach some parts.

Some very large parts to print which bearly fit the printer volume size…

Of course I had to split some parts, then gluing them, adding some putty, sanding, etc…

Here is the final model. I finished it just 6 hours before taking a plane for an event, then I didn’t have the time to properly sanding it. I just did a quick paint.

And on my head:

Check the link above to see more :slight_smile:

And I started yesterday the lightsaber which I will obviously print. I’m still thinking how I’ll deal with the blade, perhaps with the white resin and powerful LED in it, hoping it will be translucent enough…

Comments are welcome!


This is pretty fantastic and I especially like how you did the sectioning and keying of the different components. Will STL files be making their way into your Downloads section by chance? Looking forward to seeing the lightsaber as well! Are you designing that or going off one of the existing designs like Sean Charlesworth’s?

Thanks @Frew for the feedback
I won’t share my files, it’s not that I don’t want, but since it’s a replica of a Design by Lucas Film, I definitely don’t have a license to do that…

For the lightsaber, I’m going from scratch and I’ll try to be, like the helmet, screen accurate if possible, even if no serious reference can’t be find…

I did two days ago my first live stream about the lightsaber. here is the result after 3 hours:

Here is the live stream VOD:

I’ll rework on it this next sunday, again in live stream where I should finish the model itself. Then next session will be the model preparation for 3D printing.

(BTW, would you mind telling Jake K. that I sent him several emails to him about this project :wink:

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Sweet! Can we get the STLs?

Hi @darrengregan
I’m sorry, I can’t share the STL of the helmet. Disney is very picky on that and I don’t want to have problems with them :slight_smile:

Here is an update on the lightsaber. It should be done next week but I still need to figure out the electonique…

Your models look great! Congrats!

Really? Disney doesn’t give two shits about your making of these files if you release them for free otherwise they would be suing everyone on thingiverse… Fan art is legal, selling fan art isn’t… just tell these people you aren’t going to give them the files because you’re a stingy asshole… why beat around the bush? We all know that’s the case…

Actually IDK about Disney but Lucasfilm has always been very permisive with cosplaying and with all that 501st Legion and stuff, so the above is true, as long as there’s no “business” behind, all sharing and printing for personal and fund use is OK with it.

I’m not sure if it is copyright infringement, but it looks really nice. I think, if you did it just for yourself it’s nothing bad.

Asking for STLs is like asking to share your wife for a night.

The problem is not sharing, the problem is what people will do with these STL. Perhaps you are someone careful about legal aspect, but not everybody is like that. To give you an example, I have several models to download on my thingiverse account and one of them is quite popular (a piggybank) and even if the license specify “no commercial use”, I still see on regular basis people selling prints based on that model.
Also I spent quite some time in the figurine business to see people recasting, scanning, reproducing content and doing illegal business around it.
Then I don’t want my work to be use that way.