Star Wars day: Kylo Ren cosplay : Light saber and helmet + Form files to download

Hi everyone!
To celebrate the Star Wars day (yes, we are May the 4th), I published the Kylo Ren light saber making of. It comes in addition to the helmet I did before. Both of them have been created with ZBrush, then printed with the Form2.

I’m also providing the Preform files for the lightsaber, if you want to print it for your own usage. You just need a Form2 and if possible the Grey resin. Files are ready to be printed!
Note: files can be reposted online and not used for commercial usage.

Here is the helmet making of:
The lightsaber making of (+ files):
Both making-of are avaialble in english and french

Just few photos to let you preview the projects:


Wow awesome job and awesome paint too, thanks for sharing.

The side emitters look longer than the ones I’m used to print though but still looking great.

There’s a specific version in fdm that prints with no support by making the side emitters click on on the sides.

Very nice job and thanks for the files. In your build you mention that you would have liked to be able to make the light saber float above the stand. Depending on how heavy the light saber is, it might be doable.

A long time ago, I did a project for a friend in which I had a small action figure of Iron Man floating above a base. It was all done with high-power neodymium magnets. The base itself had a bottom as well as a top and I embedded 4 magnets in each ( I think they were spread in a 1" pattern (you can certainly do more). On the action figure, I drilled a hole in the head and feet, inserted a couple of stacked magnets, then filled and repainted the holes to hide them.

Based on the strength of the magnets I used, I was able to have about 1/2" gap between the base the figure (top and bottom), so it was literally floating. You could pick him up, and put him back, and as long as you centered him between the top and bottom platform, he’d sit there. As an added bit of fun, I would put a light fan in front and he’d be spinning around.

I don’t know if this would work on your ligtht saber, but you could give it a shot.

Wow, nice work on zbrush. Too bad. i boycotted all disney star_wars items/movies/toys after i watched force_awokens. Or else i surely print those wonderful models.