Right in time to the Star Wars hype ;)

Hey guys I actually use my form1+ mainly for the costuming people who need this small greeblies for the Stormtroopers on their helmets. I used movie shots and built the so called Mic Tips as original as I could. They are three part and have moveable parts to be screwed into each other. It took me many months to overwork it and finaly get to the final product with the perfectly working screwing mechanism as well. This is how it looks:


Nice work!!! How could you secure the wired-net outside?
Keep it on.

@Cheuk_Ming_Wong You mean the screen mesh on the front? It is slightly oversized and gets pushed into from the backside. There is a ridge on the front where it sits in and stays in place. No glue necessary.

Make some more star-war items as new movie is coming out.