Squeaking noise near the end of LPU transit


I thought it was just a bird outside, but it is actually the printer! I’ve got prints distributed all over the build plate for this particular print, and it’s that high-pitched “rubber” squeak, so could the LPU be sticking slightly on the bottom of the tank film? I hope this isn’t the case, because squeaking inherently means a bunch of stops and starts (producing the frequencies heard) which might knock things out of whack.

Should I abort the print to investigate further, or can I let it finish? About 3.5hrs to go. I’m inclined to let it continue, as it sounds like a non-destructive contact squeak rather than grinding or squealing.

Video: https://i.imgur.com/bjsfufl.mp4


Update: this was actually my first failed print in progress. The raft for a sanding jig didn’t adhere to the build plate (SUPER weird since the prints are always extremely well-fastened to the plate). Thankfully the footprint of the raft was larger than the actual part, and so it kept just lasering the raft over and over again, I think.

Unclear whether the squeaking LPU caused the issue or was a result of the issue (increased tension on the membrane?); but since there are no debris in the tank, I don’t see a need to print a tank mesh - am I wrong on that account?

It’s just weird since I’ve NEVER had problems with raft adhesion, and I’m planning to start printing pretty heavily now that my models are finalized, so I would really hope not to start losing consistency…