Spots from nowhere

Has anyone using Nylon 12GF experienced this before?

I had 3 pcs out of 24 coming out from the blaster looking like this. Very strange.
We use Fuse 1 with Nylon 12GF and a 50% refreshrate. I´ve had no contaminations that i am aware of and no other builds have looked like this. our printers are running 24/7.

I would say this is moisture from your blaster.

I doubt that. Our central compressor has a moisture trap. And if it were, there would be more parts affected by it. Not just 2-3 parts out of 24. Humidity in the room is below 38% aswell so thats not an issue.

This looks like compressor oil. You have to buy an oil trap. For this reason, I bought several smaller oil-free compressors and wired them together.