Spider: Sheat weaver; Linyphia triangularis

One of my latest models.
Printet on Form 3 and Form 3L. Painted with airbrush. The hairs were glued on by hand. Thorns are printed and glued on by hand.

Wikipedia says about Linyphiidae - sheet weavers or money spiders:

„Spiders of this family occur nearly worldwide. In Norway many species have been found walking on snow at temperatures of down to −7 °C.

While these spiders are light enough to utilize ballooning for travel, they are limited by the physics of an often turbulent atmosphere and microclimate. For this reason ballooning spiders have little control over where they land, leading to a high mortality rate for the practice and its predominant usage by spiderlings and juveniles. The travel of money spiders by ballooning likely contributes to their vast distribution and speciation.“


That’s some great quality and attention to detail. What’s the physical size of this print?

Oh, I forgot the dimensions. Thank you.
60 x 50 cm; H = 45 cm inkluding the “stone”. The “stone” is noch printed.

Whoa, this is amazing! I can’t believe these aren’t pictures of a real spider!

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A very nice piece of art! Makes it look as if this is a high definition photo of a real insect taken with a DSLR camera! I once printed a butterfly specimen scanned down with a MIRACO 3D scanner, the model itself was good, but my handling of the colors and details was nowhere near as good as what you did.

Thank you for the compliment.
Those scanners can not get the details you need. To really get all the details you need a CT scanner. But you can’t get this CT scanners for the money of this 3D scanner.