Glass spiders

For my first part, I ran a 200meg stl file of a spider I created.  Preform software handled large files just fine.

Very pleased with the results…

Lots of surface detail remained intact

That’s awesome!  Maybe the post should be labelled NSFA, for arachnophobes!

Whoa ho ho ho… so cool.

I just want to step on that!

Wow, looks great!  What did you run it at?  25 or 50?  Clear or grey?  And was it with the newest software update?

I really, really love that model!

Ditto the awesometicity comment! What software did you model that with? I’ve become quite proficient with Solidworks, but these kind of organic models tempt me to switch gears! Was it hard to remove the supports from the legs?

I hope you paint one & post pics!

That was printed with the latest software Preform 8.2 at 50 clear.  The legs were really tricky to remove from the supports but a nail clipper can do wonders.

The orientation was set up flat, as it would be and that was tricky on the leg supports.  I have a couple more things to try…

Nice print Tim!

Would it be possible to post some photos of your print with a gray primer so we can see more of the details?

The model was created by me in Sculptris and Zbrush.  I’d rather not share the file yet.   I am still working on getting a good print, the legs cause some issues sometimes.  Leg supports are fine and a nail clipper is the best at removing them,  I’m running a huge spider right now with a new orientation and i’ll throw some paint on it and post pics…