My First Large Print (Minion)

My wife wanted something for her desk at work and seeing some people’s larger prints (of their original work) inspired my to try my printer at something large(er) than I have been doing.

I downloaded a Minion model from the internet, hollowed it out and added drain holes. Then I let preform orient the part and added some manual supports. While the supports are all on the front side, I did inspect the virtual model for any questionable placement that will damage any features and make tweaks as needed.

The supports point are 0.34 mm with a 2.0 mm base,

The print took aprox. 6hrs at 100u. while I slept last night (best time to print lol). I also took this opportunity to take some timelapse photos.


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I wonder this print could have been done without internal supports…

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Unlike my architectural print test, this one print’s finish is very good. I can ever see the faceting of the mesh in some areas ( ;( I know, I know, tisk tisk.)

I will post the separated model later this weekend. It curing at the moment, but its a cloudy,rainy day today so it will take longer.


I didn’t realize I forgot to post the end result.
Its a been a little while and all I have done is fill the hole with some tamiya putty. Needs a little more sanding but overall I think this case out great.

The one thing that kills me with these prints is the time it takes to clean them up but that is the nature of the beast.

In the image below, I had sanded with 600 - 1000 grit to clean the support etc,

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Hi Cesar,

very cute! You should try taking paper towel and rubbing a little mineral oil over the part. It gets rid of that whitish effect after sanding.

ahh… I will try that next time. I actually wet sanded the part and then primed with krylon grey.
The weather is a little raining here this week, but I am hoping to give it a coat of white and passing it on to its owner for further fishing.

I learn NOT to put the drain holes in such a hard to fix and noticeable spot. Every print is a learning experience.
Here is a picture.

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Hi Cesar,

Nice print,
What kind of stuff are you using to fix the hole ?

I am using tamiya putty. It dries very quickly and its sandable.

Nice, i’ll give it a try ! :slight_smile:

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Hi, Cesar, I’m Ray from China. Congratulations on your succesful print! But how did you hollow out your print~~

Sorry for the late reply. I used mesh mixer from autodesk for this model Asa test. It’s works ok.

We haven’t had much spare time since I made this print, but my wife finally got to painting it and I think it came out great !
So I wanted to share her work. She used several fine brushes to apply acrylic paint on top of a white base of krylon.
She still needs to finish the eye balls, but its 95% done. I am very proud of her, she is very skilled.


wooow thats so great, im printing faces for medical purposes, and im using the white resin, i need to paint these faces sking, and mouth from inside, can you advise me what painting material should i use, im not expert in painting at all, any information would be helpful

I will let her know that you like her work.

The paint she used was acrylic paint from a local art store. The brand is Liquitex BASICS.

She used the colors your see on the model. They paint was applied in coats by hand over several hours. Since the paint is acrylic, if she made minor mistakes while working we was able to wipe the paint off with a wet cloth. However now that is completely dry the paint is permanent.

The color coats I described were applied over Krylon white paint. Since I used gray resin for the model and gray primer, she needed a light / brighter base. In your case you can always do the same or just spray a white base.

The idea of the base was to cover and allow me to sand away any imperfections as when any model building. Light coat as to try to persevere whatever detail is in the model.

She has some progress photos. I will ask her to send them to me and I will post them.

Hi Cesar, Amazing Print!!!.. What software did you use for shell this model?

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@Roberto_Moreno, I can’t take full credit for the modeling - although if I were to do this model myself I would probably use Rhino or 3dsmax. I did do some editing in Meshmixer such as scaling repairing some holes and shelling it for print. As I mentioned my wife was the artist who took the time to paint it.