Good prints out of a new form 3 - caterpillar; daddy longlegs

I printed this little animals a day ago. A caterpillar and a daddy longlegs. The legs are very thin and printed great. the body length of the daddy longlegs is 22 mm. the caterpillar is about 52 mm. With the legs the daddy longlegs is ø 180 mm


Incredible as usual. Still love your flea.

Wow that’s extraordinary . Presumably needed supports ? Os were the leg self supporting ?

thank you

The legs needed supports and were printed separately and then mounted to the body

I’ve gotta know. Is the caterpillar’s fuzziness a post-process, or was that printed as well?

If you mean the hairs - they are post-process.

Great quality and excellent post processing - your little animals look absolutely realistic!

I also have the same experience with Form3 printer - superb quality, precise dimensions of the prints and very reliable operation - it’s my best purchase for the last year.

Yup, that’s what I was curious about, and suspected.