Some larger prints

Here are the latest models I printed with the Form1. (This printer could be a really great tool. At the moment I am waiting for my updated printer)

This insect-models are scaled 30:1 of natural size.
They can be seen in a small exhibition about the “Life Under Water” in the “National Park Hohe Tauern” in Ferleiten/Salzburg/Austria (Großglockner High Alpin Road):
Blackfly-larva - 36 cm; 5 printed parts (antennas made of acrylic glass)
Caddisfly-larva - 36 cm; 7 printed parts; (caddy made of real gravel)
Mayfly-larva - (bodylength) 30 cm; 25 printed parts
Net-winged-midges-larva - 24 cm; 14 printed parts
Non-biting-midge-larva - 30 cm; 3 printed parts
Stonefly - (body length) 60 cm; 22 printed parts (antennas made of acrylic glass)


You can view some more pictures here:


Wow, those are truly beautiful! Do you have any work-in-progress photos? How did you paint and finish them?


Ditto, would love to see some work in progress pics!

These are some truly amazing prints! Thanks for sharing!!!

Modeled in zBrush. Splitted into parts. hollowed. exported as stl-files scaled in netfab basic and repaired.
printing parts with the form1- if working :wink:
glued together the body with clear resin and geocaching uv-lamp (but leaving the other parts separated)
sanding just as much as necessary. painting with airbrush and “schminke” airbrush colors.
finishing with acrylic lacquer
adding hairs
glued together all separate parts with 2K-epoxy

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wow,this is so great, painting with airbrush and “schminke” airbrush colors.
finishing with acrylic lacquer only?how can you doing this

I just want to add one screenshots and pictures of the production process. But unfortunately I do not have pictures of the half ready model (I am lazy).
You can see:

  • the model in zbtush
  • the model in preform (supports at that time with b9c software because at that time preform made some mistakes)
  • all printed parts
  • ready model in the exhibition

you are a modeling and 3D printing wizard!

Thanks for the images of how you made the larger models! Did you take any pictures or can you share anything about the way you finish the model once it’s painted? Otherwise, thanks for the inspiration!

Sorry no photos at the moment and can not share anything about finishing the models for the moment. I can not print anymore since 4th of May. the printer was defect and I had to send it back. I ordered the upgrade to form1+ and the printer arrived on 22nd of July. The resin tank was not level and as I saw later the peel motor was damaged. So I had to replace the motor. But when I started to print it was a fail. Prints not adhering to the build platform a complete disaster… Support sent me test print files. I printed at 100 micron with same minor errors but the print was not at all o.k. I printed the test print at 50 micron and that was a complete fail. I used a new resin tank and new resin. Now I am sitting here waiting for help since thursday to get back to print some very important things. Waiting since 4th of May

I’m sorry to hear that, Klaus — I do see that we’ve arranged for a replacement printer for you, and I apologize for the delay. Looking forward to seeing more great prints when you’re all set-up.

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