Insects are coming

Here some new prints:

  • modeled in zbrush, hollowed with meshmixer 1,4mm, and printed with form1+
  • Z-resolution: 0,1mm
  • almost no post processing - just removing the support touch points
  • airbrushed and clear coating
  • size: 10 to 25 cm (Hirschkaefer=25cm)
    hope you like it (sorry but the photos are not the best quality)



Phenomenal. How do you get such nice prints without striations at .1?

This is a completely different world for me. I use Solidworks which would be very difficult at least for me to make such shapes. I am more than impressed at the very long antennas, and how you got them off the supports. The realistic painting is amazing as well.

I just let the print soak for 2 to 5 minutes in the IPA then I brush it with a soft longhaired brush till it does not more feel slippery.

those antennas are not that thin. they where printed in two parts and glued together. removing the supports is no problem when using a scalpel. But you have to take care of your fingers.

Yeah, I’m finding that cleaning it carefully before hardening it in the UV tank is the key to great surfaces. Even at .1, you’re getting resolution that looks closer to 0.05 with other printers, thanks to the lack of compression/bulging.

I am very impressed, my grandfather (Dr. Jean Balazuc) specialist in entomology drawing point by point to the pen and Chinese ink


great work of your grandfather. I did the same technic, years ago, drawing fishes. You need a lot of patience to do this stile of graphic art.