Aphid - plant lice


Got my printer one week ago.

Here is my first try of a very simple object that I made.

Printer is printing with some banding so some sanding was necessary. Hope formlabs will help me out.

Hairs are still missing.

The body is just 60mm long.

Tried larger parts but they don’t print as good at the moment.

Are there any other printers in Austria?



That’s a disgusting and yet nice print!

Hi Klaus,

great prints - and great paint!

I am located in St.Poelten, but due to my daytime job have very less time for printing at the moment.

I see myself more on the technical side, normally have nothing to do with art, but I see that real “good looking results” needs a fine paint finish, so my next turn will be to learn the correct use of an airbrush, and the proper object preparation (sanding), which, having no experience in both, I find rather difficult.

great work!

Very very nice!


Did you sended it with sand paper or with air-sand tool or tank with sand mixer?

Best regards,



Good to read you like it.


May be we can help each other if someone has problems with the printer.

Technical parts are far more difficult to make - I think - because everything must be correct and straight. In nature mistakes are allowed.


I saw somewhere your dog model and your “devil” with those tapered ears you printed - really great. I think it was the  David 3d scanner forum. And you do other extraordinary work.

I printed all legs and the antennas as single parts because I intend to make a little group of those animals and every object should have a different posture. sanded it with sanding paper 220 but just there where it seemed to be necessary - I am lazy. Glued the parts together with a blue laser - that works great and is really fast. Painted it with airbrush (no primer because nobody but me will touch this lice) and put on a finishing with glossy acrylic laquer.

One shortcoming is formlabs sent me the wrong resin. So I just had grey resin and the object does not look transparency at all.