Yellow sac spider

From time to time its time to post some pictures:
yellow sac spider - _Cheiracanthium punctorium - 70 cm long. Printed in 20 parts on a really good Form2.
painted with “Schmincke-Airbrush colors”


Beautiful work! What did you do to get the hairs?

That is scary beautiful. Love the airbrush work. Bu the hairs … how did you do that? I could see it if the model was 200mm or larger, but at only 70mm, they didn’t actually print, did they?

Lovd love love!

Are the hairs photoshopped into your final render?

The model ist 70 cm not 70 mm
@JasonSpiller @Dudemeister @JetBlaque
The hairs are from a boar. A dead boar of course :wink: I have to drill holes 0.3mm and glue every single hair into this little holes. It´s boring to do this. In Photoshop I just removed the background.

Thank you that you like it.

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Amazingly beautiful. How much resin did that cost to print?

just 450 ml. I use thin walls - about 1.3 mm.

Unbelievably stunning @KlausLeitl. Bravo!

Amazingly beautiful!