Something wrong with layoff

Olá a todos estou tendo problemas com dimensão das grifes das pedras elas estão saindo mais finas não tinha esse tipo de problema alguém saberia o que está a acontecendo?

Lo siento, pero no puedo hablar Portuguese!!

Is the whole part smaller than the original design, or just the width of the area you are measuring?

Hello everyone, I’m having problems with the size of the stones, they’re getting thinner. I did not have that kind of problem. Would anyone know what’s going on?

ok I translated his message still dont understand the issue?

he’s pointing out the difference in his model and what his digital caliper is reading. His model is .80 his caliper is reading .60 he want’s to know how to fix… I don’t know but that appears to be his question.

-could you compensate for it in the model by making the model .10 in the spot , if it shrinks that spot down by .2 then it would print the way it should?

What about overall dimension of the whole print?

Is the overall diameter off by a similar amount or proportional amount?
Or is it just the pins that are coming out undersized?

Hello everyone is only happening on the pins in the rest of the piece is ok until you did not have this problem me parce that in the finer parts loses resolution.

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