[solved] Tank Status "Heat" Map

A nice feature to include would be tank status “heat” map. Since each tank has an ID associated and the dashboard knows what was printed with each tank it would be nice to have a heat map display that shows which parts of the tank were used the most. I assume this could be done by just compressing the model layers in the Z-axis with each layer adding level “heat” to the compressed X, Y image.

I mention this because I’m only on my 3rd print with my Form 2 and I can already start to hear the print sticking to the tray. I didn’t realize the standard tray was only good for “1,000-3,000 layers”. The first print was 1093 layers. The Second was 1926 layers. The third (printing now) is 1866 layers. I’m almost certainly over the layer lifetime of the tray in certain parts. A map that shows which parts of the tray have been used the most would be very helpful.


Never mind. I see this is already in the Dashboard. Thanks