Software model preview versus printed output

I have some CNC experience and I am very confortable with my CAM platform to where I know how close the simulated tool paths will looks to the real output on my cnc machine. In the attached image of the model I am made in Rhino you can see some tessellation. I am wondering how that will translate to the printed object. How WYSIWYG is preform?

Tessellation is how STL files store data, so blame the file. But yes you will see that on your part. The only solutions are increasing the tessellation in the file to minimize it or sand it smooth once it is printed and post-cured. I actually enjoy seeing it, it is a sign of a damn good printer :slight_smile: You could also look in to OBJ files, Preform takes them too but I don’t know how they store data.


Here is a good video explaining some of the options on the rhino export.

from about 6 mins in he seems to get to the numbers :wink:

I have seen these details come out in the prints, like you mentioned, its not much different to the tooling marks left by a mill.

It also depends on your layer height - the layer banding might be more noticeable than the tessellation anyway…

Thank you guys for your replies.
@EdwardWard EdwardWard are you saying that I will see the layering on the form1 prints? - how are those smooth prints I see all around achieved? Hope this is not like a makerbot or clone.

I’d say its in a completely different league - but i’d be lying if i said they’re not there.

I guess its down to geometries and size of object, and lighting, sometimes the smoothest prints look ribbed when oriented at certain angles under a lamp.

The last image is one of my better ones on a reprap, and my latest on the Form 1, printed in white at 0.05 with a light grey paint wash applied.

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