So what happened here?

Been printing like crazy on the Form2 and not been using the Form 1+ much but I have so much to print, I fired it up. On the third batch I get what you see in the pictures below. Out of 8 identical parts, 5 are okay like the one on the right and 3 are like the one on the right. The print area was full and the 3 bad ones were next to each other. The tank looks good. I have never seen this failure before.
photo 20170606_151959.jpg
photo 20170606_151959.jpg

Dirty optics. The F1 Achilles Heel. Mirror(s) need cleaning.

I have cleaned the mirrors many times and this does not look like what dirty mirrors have looked like in the past. Normally the edges start getting ragged and I can see it coming for several prints and the entire print looks rough. This time it was sudden and isolated to a few parts on the print.

Can you please post a picture how you orientate the parts on your platform for the print?

Mirrors aren’t the issue here.

It looks like one of the parts partially fell off the support structures mid-print. It continued to print, but at a weird angle.

Here is the file they were printed from. Only three were misshaped.

This is what dirty mirrors look like

So for me it looks like the right “bracket” started to move on its support in the upper third during the print. The part could have moved towards the tank which caused the geometrical failure. @ScottBarbour maybe you can check this on your print supports?

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