Smokey (Hazie) bottom of vat after printing in Grey Pro FLPRG01 resin

Hello all!

I am trying to print some parts and ever since I started to use the tough resin (Grey Pro FLPRG01) I am getting an “after” effect on the bottom of the vat.

I am using Z-Vat made for the FormLabs 1+ and PreForm 2.18.0. This is using a brand new z vat and a brand new container of resin. I ran two prints and the same smokiness occurred for both and would dissipate.

Link to the print:
Link to the tank:

Any help is appreciated. I am emailing Z-Vat as well to see if they have any suggestions.

Formlabs state that you must use their LT tanks (which have FEP or a similar layer) when printing in Grey Pro as the resin causes the silicone layer to swell. As far as I’m aware the Z-Vat tanks are of a similar construction to the standard tanks (except for the glass bottom) so I would imagine that they shouldn’t be used with Grey Pro.

@mrwakefield thank you for the catch.

I found the article:

And I found the tank for the Form 2:

Where can I find a lt vat for the form 1+ if at all? I really started using z-vat a while ago but now I am just left stranded without tanks and printer still works like a por ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You’re welcome.
I don’t know about the availability of an F1+ tank that’s equivalent to the LT (ie with a FEP layer). I’ve got a Form 2 and have refurbed a few standard tanks so far. I’ve yet to attempt adding a FEP layer but it is something I want to experiment with at some point.

@mrwakefield Thank you! I have been looking online and it looks like my options are pretty much to just upgrade to a Form 2 :frowning:

I had the exact same thing happen to a brand new resin tray. I put in a support ticket as the tray was only a week old.
The problem is the PDMS layer delamiates and resin seeps in under it. With the build plate pressing against it the bulk of the resin is squeezed out buy a very fine film of resin is left. I know this as I could move that grey fog with a plastic spatula… That wouldn’t happen if it was normal fogging but why would a one week old tray fog anyway,.
FormLabs tells me they won’t support it as I use ALW resin. They claim it’s the 3rd party resin causing the issue. Crock of crap when their own resin does the same thing.
Really makes me think twice about upgrading to a Form 3 machine. If that’s the type of support one gets the heck with them. I may start looking at other resin printers.

@jeremiahlandi you could buy a flex vat which is designed for the Form 1/1+. It uses a sheet op FEP.

OK, but there are down sides to every method so what are the ones for FEP layers?

I’ll start re-coating Form 2 Trays in June. I have 14 used on-hand and the silicone chemicals to do the coating. We’ll see how that goes.

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