Smelting problem

Porous surface Can anyone help?

more time in UV?

I use v1 cast. And you ?.
You have to cure UV until the blue color lose. It can take a long time but it works.
I wish you successes.

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Form 2 resin 02
I’ll try this path, my friend.
Leaving hours on Uv?
sorry about my English

Let me know what the outcome.
For me, it works 100%.
Once again, good luck.

So it may take a very long time, depending on the model - up to 3 days.
It depends on the thickness of the elements.
You may need to adjust the position of the element at that time.
All parts must be exposed to UV radiation.
My sculptures need more time but they were big and thick.

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You were correct thickness …
I did not have problems with small parts.

Almost good.
It should increase the supply, for better ventilation.
Avoid such errors as pictured.
Good luck.

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