Smart job, print shifter

I print a lot of the same part. Currently, i need to move my part slightly in preform and send a exhausting relaunch.

If I dont move the part, my print tray burns out fast with the repetitive laser marks. It would be great if the form2, could shift the part a little to prolong the life of the tray. vs me shifting in preform, creating print file and uploading.

I see heavy damage, even after 5 prints if they are constantly relaunched from the form2 menu.

Would love some feedback and support on this feature request.

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It might be challenging to do this autonomously because certain parts might be less conducive to re-arrangement and some users might require specific orientations.

To re-scatter parts, I typically use the auto-layout tool. An interesting implementation might be to have the auto-layout tool take tank heat maps into account and arrange parts as to avoid printed on areas.

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Ideally I think this feature would prompt the user when selecting a print to decide then and there:

“Print using which orientation?”

  • Previous (known print quality, higher tank wear)
  • Shifted (Unknown print quality, lower tank wear)

You would need to wordsmith it better than me however as my wording implies that shifting actually lowers the amount of clouding instead of simply moving it around.

There would be a lot of hurdles to get this implemented and would still likely need to be a preselected option to embed multiple tool path options in a single file. The Form2 is an incredible machine but it wasn’t designed to crunch out alternative toolpaths and layouts. (maybe I’m wrong)

For now it seems more logical that when you know you are printing multiple of a print make a couple file versions before hand and alternate between them.

I like this feature as a challenge however.

I am pretty sure they could literally move the machine 0,0,0mm to machine 1,1,0mm etc and then make that the temparary new machine zero for that print. So no code changes.
I am sure they gave themselves a 1mm for the x y bounds.


have a physical xy offset bulit into the tray. but software solutions seems better to me.

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If you print a lot of the exact same thing, take a moment to arrange as many copies as you can fit on the build platform at once. Then print that. You’ll print less often because each run generates multiple parts. And the PDMS wear will be uniform.

For example:

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I print giant models and a lot of them.